Introduction to Awal Taleem Ithad (Education First Alliance)

Considering the critical situation of education in Sindh, the civil society organizations led by CSSP felt the need to form a provincial coalition/ alliance and focus upon the following four important issues:

  • Lack of policy implementation
  • Poor governance/ lack of accountability
  • Lack of community participation in decision making
  • Lack of community ownership

In order to address the above prioritized issues, a campaign “AWAL TALEEM – Education First” at district and provincial level was designed by education focused civil society organizations of Sindh. This initiative was started in April 2014 and launched its activities through the participation in Global Education Week funded by the Action Aid Pakistan.

Currently, 34 CBOs and NGOs are connected with ATI as paid members.


A Responsible Society towards Education (ARSTO)


Fostering Policy reforms and ownership to improve educational status in Sindh through Alliance building and consolidating efforts of stakeholders.


  • To facilitate provincial government to development of Sindh Education Policy and oversee implementation of provincial government commitments/action plans.
  • To increase citizen engagement in educational system to ensure responsive governance at all level for effective and efficient utilization of resources.
  • To strengthen the ATI Network and establishing effective coordination and communication for effectively voicing and advocating the civil society concern on Education.

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