Introduction to NAYD

National Alliance on Youth Development NAYD is a National level alliance of more 100 youth-led, youth supported, youth focused organizations and Youth Volunteer groups/Associations. It is the platform of integration, complementing and consolidation for youth related organizations across the country. NAYD is formed to foster the divided efforts of Local, National and International organizations working on youth Development and to build-up pressure on government to develop and implement youth policies on regular basis. The main purpose of this alliance is to strengthen the linkages and networking of member organizations at national and global level to reduce uncertainty and isolation among them to actively contribute for youth development program. Further, NAYD has Chapters to oversight the government initiated interventions (Projects/Programs) in their respective provinces and states NAYD is the platform to create fathom and trust through increased interaction among member organizations. It is also focusing to divert their concentration on the issues faced by youth at local, provincial and national level. In this context, the productive and substantial actions and interventions of member organizations are consolidated and highlighted to encourage them for achievement of the set goals of youth Development Program. Further, the alliance is playing significant role in developing strong coordination within members and connecting them with international agencies working for youth development.


Enabling peaceful environment for youth to thrive and reach their maximum potential.


Strengthening and consolidating efforts of youth focused, youth-led and youth support organizations through promoting integration, synergy and affinity of working together for achieving the shared goals at local, provincial, and national level.


  • To provide a platform to the youth focused, youth-led and youth support organizations to share their information, learning and opportunities with each other.
  • To strengthen linkages and networking of the member organizations at national, regional and global level.
  • To identify common interest to promote youth empowerment.
  • To plan and take joint actions for making the stakeholders more accountable and effective in developing and implementation of the youth policies at provincial and national level.
  • To promote strategic alliances and partnerships with public and private sector organizations to incorporate and support Youth Service programs.

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