In 2010, The United Nations ranked Pakistan at 125th out of 169 countries in its Human Development Index. Honor killings, rape and illegal trafficking of women are prevalent across much of the country. Recent research showed that "women owned less than 3% of plots in sampled villages, despite having the right to inherit land in most." Low literacy rates (54.2% of the adult population in 2010) and poor health (23% of the country are undernourished) mean that 1 in 10 children die before the age of five.

The biggest barrier to girls’ education in Pakistan is lack of access. Cultural limitations prevent parents sending their daughters to mixed gender schools restricting access to single sex safe-houses. Across the nation, education is built to demand rather than supply, meaning that boys schools often out number girls, especially in rural areas. For the average girl, school is too far away, too expensive or not safe enough for her parents to allow her to attend - even if she wanted to go.

CSSP has focused upon youth engagement in Education, Improving Governance/Budget advocacy, Article 25 A, Watch dog role in Education Sector plan and influencing the policy makers to develop Education policies in all provinces.

Additionally, CSSP initiated an Alliance named Awal Taleem Ithad – Education First Alliance. This alliance was formed to give priority to education at all levels to address the issues of policy, governance issues, lack of ownership of citizens for government schools and community participation in decision making.

Outcome/Strategic Objective
  • Enhanced role of citizens and institutions for the improvement of education at policy & practice.
  • Improved Community and govt responsiveness
  • Implemented and practiced constitutional amendments and laws
  • Strengthened Civil Society to voice for Education
Strategic Interventions
  • Research and advocacy on educational policy issues
  • Alliance building and influencing in decision making at local and provincial level
  • Youth engagement in awareness campaign and improving status of education
  • Social watch on the government commitments / budget allocations and expenses