Institutional Development

Organizational or institutional development refers to long range of efforts to improve on institution’s problem solving capacity and ability to cope with changes in its external environment with the help of internal and external behaviors of staff members and resources at hand. It is used to analyze a process of solving problems and find a more efficient way of doing it. Organizational development requires attention, time and money.

Human Resource Management is the area where the organization needed continuous assistance. Although, the outreach, financial and human resources of the organization were growing but they still lacked the capacities to manage this growth and introduce such systems where both employees and the organization were benefitted. The lucid policies and procedures helped organization to enhance transparency and mutual trust at all levels.

Outcome/Strategic Objective Improved organizational governance, policies & practices with gender & environment sensitized culture and high performance team
Strategic Interventions
  • Regular Meetings of SMC/ Staff
  • Independent an empowered HR section.
  • Well-equipped M &E Section
  • Deployment of Core Team in Program Development
  • Liaison offices in capital cities
  • Shifting of Head Office in Islamabad
  • Program Manual and regular publication of annual reports
  • Staff Development Plan & Resource Mobilization
  • Regular BoD & GB meetings and develop and implement accountability mechanism
  • Endowment Fund
  • Consult relevant stakeholders/departments
  • Review and modify existing policies
  • Monitor implementation of policies